Have Courage to touch the butt♥


Boys hoodies are just so much more comfortable.

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nobody legitimately needs me and that’s a really shitty feeling

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how am i supposed to forget you when every time i go outside i see things that remind me of you


  • garbage cans
  • dog shit
  • asshole people
  • those babies that you want to punch in the face because they wont stop crying no matter what

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everything personal




If you can’t handle me randomly blurting out song lyrics that relate to what you just said, we can’t be friends

why can’t we be friends why can’t we be frieeeendds

we can definitely be friends

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i wanna meet the male version of me 

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This is fucking hilarious. I always assumed they had the camera strapped to them on a rig omg

I love how James Cameron is clearly having more fun than both of them

lol wat

This will never stop being hilarious.


to all my spanish speaking followers:  hola

to all my non-spanish speaking followers who feel left out:  don’t worry, I just said “hello”.  maybe someday you too can grasp another language

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When I say “please don’t take a picture of me” it’s not because I’m being bitchy and stubborn, it’s because if I see that picture I will seriously feel so bad about myself and think I am the ugliest thing on earth and sink a little deeper into self consciousness and hatred.

i couldnt relate to anything better than this post

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Robin Williams’ passing is a reminder that those who make us laugh the most are usually fighting the biggest demons.

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